Agilspot is a Slovenian based company that offers training, coaching and consulting in all aspects of agile software development. We believe in and follow the Agile Manifesto which is a set of values and principles that underpin agile software development.

Field of work

We specialize in improving the performance of the organizations through the use of Scrum which is the most popular agile project management methodology in software development. Successful implementation of Scrum requires changes in organizational culture and will only work if it is applied consistently and completely.

Our goals

Our goal is to help organizations and teams become highly proficient at delivering high quality software.

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Voranc Kutnik
CSM, CSPO, Agile coach and Licensed Management 3.0 Trainer

Voranc is an agile enthusiast who thrives on working with teams and helping them embrace agile values and principles to build better products, faster.