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Certified Kanban Practitioner is a 2-day training accredited by the Lean-Kanban University (LKU).

LKU Certificate of Completion: Foundation Level

Kanban – an applied Systems Thinking Approach in Knowledge and Creative Work

The Kanban Method is a comprehensive approach for introducing systems thinking into any organization on all levels. It fosters a holistic service focus throughout an organization, with the goal of better understanding business risk, support for decision making and improving service delivery activities.

While introducing deep transparency into the business needs of stakeholders, organizations can create strategic options over committing too early for delivery. Effectively designing a balanced delivery system, finding proper agreements and opening space for focused collaboration leads to a powerful business system, fit for the future.

A practitioner class setting foundations for system design and evolutionary change

You learn and practice the whole „Kanban body of knowledge“ coming from Lean-Kanban University and fed from a rich diverse community.

This training and workshop sets a solid foundation for organizations, teams or individuals to start their concrete service improvement efforts via the Kanban Method.

You receive a great mix of deep conceptual lessons, combined with case studies and real life experience. You will get hands-on exercises, games and interactive exercises, providing a maximum learning experience. After the class you will be ready to kick off or deepen your own Kanban initiative.

Target Audience

This course is for managers, leaders, team members, coaches, who want to learn the full set of concepts, practices and management tools around the Kanban Method, applicable for their own environment.


• Meet the background of Kanban as a modern management approach
• Understand Kanban values, principles and practices exercises and hands-on case studies
• Learn a well proven approach for designing your own Kanban systems
• Learn fresh concepts for business decision making via Kanban
• Learn how to prepare and implement a Kanban initiative and drive evolutionary change
• Take with you a rich set of concepts, exercises and tools, you can apply back home in your own organization


• Brand new Kanban body of knowledge. Kanban principles, practices and values
• Systemic analysis of stakeholder landscape, sources of dissatisfaction and development of options to improve service delivery
• Techniques for effective visualization and collaboration in knowledge work
• Applying a pull system together with alternatives for WIP limits
• Risk management with service classes and cost of delay
• Feedback-Loops (incl. Toyota Kata), metrics and reporting
• Kanban system design via STATIK – the „Systems Thinking Approach for Introducing Kanban“ – and complementary coaching techniques
• Aspects for scaling via Kanban

Included With Price

• Copies of used materials and exercises in electronic format (PDF documents)
• Lunch as well as snacks and beverages during breaks
• Official “Kanban Foundation Level” certificate via Lean-Kanban University
• Collection of resources, including guidelines for leading service improvement dialogues and Kanban introduction & rollout initiatives
• Foto minutes

About The Trainer

This course is lead by Mike Leber, an experienced manager, Agile coach and Accredited Kanban trainer (AKT) of Lean-Kanban University – the homebase of the Kanban Method. With his own company network Agile Experts e.U. Mike partners with specialized consultancies in various countries to provide most effective ways for growing and leading more Agile organizations.
Mikes clients are large international groups, but also smaller teams or innovative startups. Mike is also a licensed „Management 3.0“ facilitator, in addition offering totally new ways for leading organizations.


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TrainerMike Leber, @michael_leber