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Agile methods for software production aim, among other things, at “satisfying the customer through early and continuous delivery of valuable software” (quoted from the Agile Manifesto).

For this to yield the best business results, however, a clear and shared understanding of what value means is required among all stakeholders involved in your software initiative, so that we can make the best use of the available time and money to generate the desired business outcome.

During this workshop you will learn, by practical exercises: how the concept of “value” differs for different stakeholders and how to take a system view over the concept of value; several ways to make this complexity visible and quantified; various practices to establish a common language in the execution of your software initiative; and facilitation techniques that will help you reduce the dark spots in the definition of objectives.

This workshop is different from others on a similar topics because of the systemic and humanistic perspective is offers on the management of value inside an organizational ecosystem.


• Come up with a concrete (rather than “esoteric”) perception of business value, that includes but goes beyond the monetary measurements
• Identify strategies to satisfy different business needs of different stakeholders
• Govern your software initiative (project or product) using shared criteria in the group of stakeholders

Who This Is For

Since the generation of value is affected by all actors in a software initiative, this workshop is appropriate for both technical and management people.

The following roles might be especially interested in the concepts presented:

• IT Executives
• Product Managers
• Project Managers
• Team Leaders
• Agile Coaches

Main Topics

• Definition of Value and Stakeholder in Agile
• How to quantify parameters that are not limited to economic data
• How to map stakeholders and get their right degree of involvement
• How and when to use Cost of Delay (COD) and COD3 (COD Divided by Duration)
• Impact Mapping
• References to the Evo Method
• Multidimensional and dynamic representation of Value
• How to engage different stakeholders and identify their criteria of “business value”
• Facilitation techniques

About The Trainer

Andrea Provaglio is an Agile consultant and coach with over twenty years of professional experience, who had clients in three different continents and worked with organizations ranging from the United Nations to small and dynamics IT companies.

He assists those companies, executives, managers, leaders and technical teams who appreciate the business value of effective knowledge work, and want to evolve into healthier and more modern organizational and cultural models, including Agile and Lean.

Andrea worked in the US on a O-1 visa for “extraordinary abilities in Sciences”, is a member of the Society for Organizational Learning, owns CSM and CSPO certifications and was one of the founding members of the Italian Chapter of the International Association of Software Architects (IASA).

He also has over 500 hours of formal training on one-to-one counseling and on the dynamics of social systems, from families to organizations.

Andrea enjoys sharing what he knows by speaking at major international Agile and Lean conferences, where he’s generally appreciated for his public speaking and communication skills, in addition to the insightful contents he presents.

You can find more info about Andrea here.


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TrainerAndrea Provaglio, @andreaprovaglio